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The Story of a Busted Sofa – Our Upcycling Project

The Story of a Busted Sofa – Our Upcycling Project: When my wife and I moved into our home 13 years ago, we bought a lovely Italian leather suite of furniture in a local furniture store comprising of a two-seater and three-seater. It wasn’t cheap at the time, but I thought it was built to last so was happy with the purchase. What I didn’t count on was the craziness of the three children that joined the family unit in the following years bouncing up and down on the two-seater which is the one nearest to the TV. During last year, one spring went, then another, then the arm of the sofa broke. It didn’t seem to bother the kids who continued to sit and play on it, but it began to bother my wife.

The 3-seater is perfect, hardly a scratch on it so it wasn’t an option for me to throw that out, so what to do with the two-seater. I had a look around, it was going to be hard to get something with a similar shape to fit the sitting room, and it wasn’t going to be cheap to replace, so I was left with one option, Repair

It wasn’t easy to find a repairer willing to take the job on, but with the help of Repaimystuff, I finally located someone. The repairer dropped out a few books of fabric swatches and my wife picked a pattern, then the two-seater was collected, put in a van and went away for a week

One week later and €400 spent we got our sofa back, upholstered and fixed. Whilst the €400 price tag isn’t cheap, the labour that was required to fix it and the skills needed were worth paying for Plus, we employed a local craftsman to do the job, keeping the money in our economy, rather than giving it to a certain Swedish multinational. Use the online directory to begin your own upcycling project today.

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