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Repair My Stuff: An Award-Winning Website


It is with great delight that over the last few months, the website that we have developed has won two prestigious national awards. At the outset we wanted to provide a platform for the Repair Industry in Ireland, to promote the Circular Economy and provide a useful service to the public. So, it is of immense satisfaction that our work has been recognised.

First up was in December was Chambers Ireland Excellence in Local Government Awards. We were entered in best joint local authority initiative. For this project, 10 Environmental Awareness Officers from different local Authorities, led by Monaghan County Council, came together to develop a database of Repair Providers. Funding to develop the idea came from the EPA’S Local Authority Waste Prevention Network, a collaborative grouping of local authority personnel working in waste prevention.

Using local knowledge, the Awareness Officer were able to amass a database of 700 Repair businesses covering a wide range of categories including computer and phone repair, shoe repair, sports equipment repair, household appliance repair, musical instrument repair as well as a host of other items.

This database was then imported into a brand-new bespoke website that was developed for us by our web developers F.C.D.M based in Athlone.

Second up was the Local Authority Members Association (LAMA) awards in February were the website was successful in the Best Waste Management Category. The website is an output of the Regional Waste Management Plans, which sets out the policy and objectives of how we deal with waste in Ireland for the period 2015-2020. Central to this policy is to support the Circular Economy. Repair My Stuff achieves this policy objective by supporting the repair and reuse industry, local jobs and the local green economy all central tenants to the Circular Economy.

Awards mean nothing if we don’t have the support of both the businesses and our users. With upwards of 3,000 visitors a month to the website, the service in 2020 will continue to improve and grow.

Register your repair business free of charge today and be added to the Repair My Stuff directory!

About RepairMyStuff.ie

RepairMystuff.ie is an all Island repair directory platform. We are committed to supporting small businesses that offer repair services in their local community.

Why Repair?

For many, purchasing a new pc or new washing machine when an old one breaks is the norm, however, Repair and Reuse is often a cheaper and most certainly a more environmentally sustainable option. Find A Local Professional

Why Register Your Business?

We are committed to supporting small businesses that offer repair services in their local community. We want to act as a central hub on the web for all Repair related queries. Register Your Business

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This website is an initiative of Monaghan County Council, other local authorities, the Local Authority Waste Prevention Network (LAPN), the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the repair industry.