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Enviroguide Consulting & Repair My Stuff


Throughout the month of November 2021, Enviroguide Consulting, environmental and sustainability specialists, on behalf of the Environmental Protection Agency will be contacting repair organisations around Ireland to boost the number of repair organisations registered on the repairmystuff.ie website.

Repairmystuff.ie is a free online repair directory, linking the public to repair organisations in Ireland. Registering on the website is a free marketing tool for repair organisations to advertise their services and to allow consumers to access a comprehensive directory of repair organisations in their local areas. There are already 926 repair organisations registered on the site.

The aim of repairmystuff.ie is to encourage repair, which keeps products in use for longer. Repair is a circular economy activity keeping the value of products and materials that make up those products in the economy for as long as possible. This can prevent the environmental cost associated with the production of new products, which include the costs of raw materials, energy, water, processing and production, packaging, and transportation of new products.

If you are a repair organisation and would like to register for free on repairmystuff.ie, please visit our registration page or contact Enviroguide Consulting on 083 085 8612.

About RepairMyStuff.ie

RepairMystuff.ie is an all Island repair directory platform. We are committed to supporting small businesses that offer repair services in their local community.

Why Repair?

For many, purchasing a new pc or new washing machine when an old one breaks is the norm, however, Repair and Reuse is often a cheaper and most certainly a more environmentally sustainable option. Find A Local Professional

Why Register Your Business?

We are committed to supporting small businesses that offer repair services in their local community. We want to act as a central hub on the web for all Repair related queries. Register Your Business

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This website is an initiative of Monaghan County Council, other local authorities, the Local Authority Waste Prevention Network (LAPN), the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the repair industry.