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Repair My Stuff Partners with WEEE Ireland

Repair My Stuff has teamed up with WEEE Ireland. WEEE Ireland manages the collection of household electrical waste.

At Repair My Stuff, we’re passionate about encouraging the people of Ireland to be more environmentally friendly and sustainable. It’s important that we make it easy for people to make more environmentally conscious choices; such as repairing electrical items rather than replacing them.

Repair My Stuff has teamed up with WEEE Ireland, a not-for-profit organisation that manages the collection of household electrical waste on behalf of over 1,100 producer members, to support the circular economy in Ireland! This partnership makes it easier than ever to find more eco-conscious methods of repairing or disposing of your electronic products.

WEEE Ireland, in conjunction with the White Goods Association, is supporting the Repair My Stuff initiative, with the aim to drive more authorised repair engineers. For electrical products alone, the average house has around 72 products, 11 of which are broken or not being used any more. Repairing these products instead of replacing them is not only kinder to the environment, but kinder to your pocket, too!

The European Week for Waste Reduction (EWWR) encourages all European citizens to carry out awareness-raising actions for sustainable resources and waste management during a single week in November, the 21st – 29th. There has never been a more appropriate time for Repair My Stuff to team up with WEEE Ireland and make it easier for you to effortlessly become more sustainable.

Each person in Ireland produces over 586kg of waste each per year, the sixth-highest in Europe. For household electronic waste alone, Ireland generates 19kg per person. An estimated 19 million pieces were diverted from landfill by WEEE Ireland in 2019 including 3.2 million lamps and light bulbs, 334,000 large household appliances, 194,000 TVs and monitors and 122,000 fridges.

The Repair My Stuff online directory will shortly be expanding, so keep an eye out for repair options near you!

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