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Participating Local Authorities

Most local authorities employ an Environmental Awareness Officer, they are a great point of contact for all waste management related issues, including repair.

Whilst personnel changes do occur this should give you a starting point.

EAO Contacts

Local Authority websites are a great repository of useful environmental information, including legislation, application forms, and funding applications.


Local Authority Prevention Network is part of the National Waste Prevention Programme. Its mission is to support and deliver waste prevention projects at a local level. This Repair Directory is an output of this network.

Regional Waste Planning Authorities

For the purposes of waste management planning, Ireland is now divided into three regions: Southern, Eastern-Midlands and Connacht-Ulster. Waste management plans for the three regions were published in May 2015. Repair and reuse is a policy within these plans. This Repair Directory is an output to fulfill that policy objective.

Connaught Ulster Waste Region
Eastern Midlands Waste Region
Southern Waste Region

Funding Partners

The Environmental Protection Agency, through the National Waste Prevention Programme, has funded Local Authorities to deliver this Repair Directory. The National Waste Prevention Programme has lots of interesting work going on with excellent outputs.

Our Collaborators

The Clean Technology Centre, Cork is widely accepted as the leading waste prevention focused organization in Ireland as well as being the oldest. They have provided technical advice to the LAPN since its inception in 2006.

Sites of interest

Electrical Waste Recycling

If your electrical product is gone beyond repair, please bring it to your nearest Recycling Centre. Both ERP and WEEE Ireland provide open days for the collection of WEEE. Don’t forget though, that if you are buying a new electrical product, the retailers are obliged to take the old one from you. Don’t be afraid to ask.


Community Reuse Network Ireland is an all-island representative body for community-based reuse, recycling, and waste prevention organizations. Their main vision is an Ireland where the word ‘waste’ doesn’t exist and where our entire community benefits from the social, environmental and economic value of all reusable resources.

Irish Charity Shop Association is the umbrella group for charities who operate shops to fundraise for their causes. Donating clean unwanted goods to a charity shop displaying their rosette is a great way to reduce and reuse what you might consider waste but others will enjoy.

Environmental Campaigns

There are lots of great environmental campaigns out there that focus on waste prevention and resource efficiency. Here are some we like:

Stop Food Waste is a campaign focusing on reducing the amount of food waste that we all produce, it’s a lot by the way.

The Irish Environmental Network, or IEN, is made up of 30 nationally active Irish Environmental NGOs. The network’s groups represent a broad range of environmental issues including everything from wildlife conservation to climate change.

This website is an initiative of Monaghan County Council, other local authorities, the Local Authority Waste Prevention Network (LAPN), the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the repair industry.