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The Importance of Appliance Repair

The Importance of Appliance Repair

When your appliance is on the blink, it’s often tempting to throw in the towel and fork out the cash for a brand new one. For some, repairing an appliance is too much of a chore, but this throwaway mentality is not only putting a strain on our wallets but our planet too.

At Repair My Stuff, alongside our partner WEEE Ireland and the White Goods Association, we’re making it hassle-free to be more environmentally conscious when it comes to your kitchen appliances. Before you take a trip to the tip, consider repairing your appliance instead — it’s truly easier than ever with our ever-expanding online repair directory.

Disposing of electrical appliances to landfill or worse still dumping them illegally has a devastating impact on our environment and local areas. The RepairMyStuff directory can help you give your appliances a new lease of life saving time and money

It’s not just large appliances people give up on, but smaller appliances too. It may be tempting to just replace smaller and less expensive appliances such as kettles, toasters, but it’s important to remember that repairing is the best way to prevent waste and prolong the lifetime of your devices and the resources they contain. It should always be considered as a first step. Save time and money by opting to repair your appliance rather than shopping for a new one altogether.

If watching YouTube tutorials on how to repair your appliance at home isn’t your thing, be sure to browse Ireland’s leading online repair directory now, and find out where you can locally have your appliances (small or large!) repaired. For white goods as well as independent repair services you can find authorised repair agents working on behalf of many of the leading brand names on the Irish market.

Despite free recycling for e-waste across Ireland It’s unfortunately still not uncommon to see broken printers, blenders, kettles and microwaves in rubbish skips or. If your appliance is, unfortunately, far beyond repair, be sure to drop it off for free household WEEE recycling at a local collection point. You can find your nearest collection point on the WEEE Ireland site.


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