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Simple Ways to Reduce Waste at Home


Ireland produces over 15 million tonnes of waste each year. This waste is made-up of items that can’t be recycled, including some plastics, food scraps and everyday items; such as old upholstery and outdated iPhones. Anything that ends up in a black bin bag or at the tip contributes towards this 15 million tonnes of waste, and minimising that amount won’t be easy.

Fortunately, there are now plenty of ways you can reduce waste usage at home. Reducing waste doesn’t have to be a drag, nor does it have to be more expensive; reducing waste can actually be quite cost-effective and simple to do. Here are just a few ways Repair My Stuff recommends to begin reducing your household waste:

  • Consider Repairing Instead of Repurchasing

It may look like it’s the end of your sofa’s life, but it doesn’t have to be! Find out where you can repair just about anything using Repair My Stuff’s leading online repair directory. Repairing your things not only reduces waste, but emits the need to replace them. Save yourself money and reduce your household waste by opting to repair instead of throw away.

  • Sell On Your Second Hand Products

It may not be in fashion anymore, it may not have quick-enough internet connection or maybe it just doesn’t fit in with your aesthetic any longer! When you’re not interested in something, or no longer want it, it can be tempting to dump the item in the rubbish bin.

There are actually plenty of other options out there to give your item a new lease of life! Consider selling your old clothes, or donating them to a clothes bank. Plenty of larger charity shops now accept furniture, so give your kitchen table a second chance with someone else! This will reduce your waste and help someone else get what they’re after.

  • Recycle Wherever Possible

You may think you can’t recycle something, but you could be wrong! Always check the packaging of your item to see whether it can be recycled. Sometimes even parts of an item can be recycled, such as a clean glass jar, but not the lid. Reduce your waste by paying more attention to packaging, and actively seeking out recyclable products.

Check out www.mywaste.ie for up to date information on what can be recycled in Ireland.

  • Reduce your food waste

In Ireland there is over one million tonnes of food waste disposed of each year. Around 1/3 of this comes from households. Every household in Ireland is responsible for 117 kg  of Food Waste. The cost per household is between €400 and €1000 per year.

There are 3 types of food waste thrown out:

  • 60% is Avoidable food waste – Plate scrapings, leftovers, gone off fruit and veg and passed its date perishables.
  • 20 % is Potentially Avoidable food waste –  things like bread crusts, potato skins.
  • 20% is Unavoidable food waste – general rubbish such as banana skins and chicken bones.

For tips on how to avoid food waste check out the resources on www.stopfoodwaste.ie.


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