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What Can Repair My Stuff Help Me With?


Repair My Stuff is Ireland’s Leading On-Line Repair Directory Service.

When people think about repairing stuff, they usually think about electronic items. Broken phones, slow laptops or computers, televisions that are playing up…

In fact, there are endless amounts of products that you can have repaired, so hold-fire before you chuck your broken item in the bin! At Repair My Stuff, we have a huge directory of different businesses that can tend to whatever you need fixed.

The search tool on the Repair My Stuff site requires you to fill in two fields: which county you’re in, and what product you have that needs repairing. You can see that we have a range of categories below the search functionality, that cover the different items that can be repaired. Clicking on a category will take you to a map, highlighting the companies that will be able to assist you.

As well as electronic repairs, you can also seek out to have the following household items repaired:

  • Clothes and bags
  • Monitors, TVs, and displays
  • Electronic
  • Fitness and sports equipment
  • Furniture and upholstery
  • Large appliances
  • Small appliances
  • Lawnmowers and garden machinery
  • Leather and shoes
  • Musical instruments
  • Watches and jewellery

If you can’t find what you’re looking for in one of the categories, try browsing the ‘Other’ section. Here, you’ll find tradespeople ready to repair your roof or even correct any carpet imperfections in your household. Simply drag your cursor on the map to browse different areas, or use your finger to explore the different counties if you’re on a mobile device.

What’s more: Repair My Stuff is totally free to use, for both the public and businesses. You can use the Repair My Stuff directory as many times as you need, and, make sure to let your local repair business know that they can register on the directory for free here.

Be kinder to the environment, potentially save some money and give a new lease of life to your broken product! Keep Repair My Stuff handy so you can always find the help you need to get your stuff repaired quickly, efficiently, and locally.



About RepairMyStuff.ie

RepairMystuff.ie is an all Island repair directory platform. We are committed to supporting small businesses that offer repair services in their local community.

Why Repair?

For many, purchasing a new pc or new washing machine when an old one breaks is the norm, however, Repair and Reuse is often a cheaper and most certainly a more environmentally sustainable option. Find A Local Professional

Why Register Your Business?

We are committed to supporting small businesses that offer repair services in their local community. We want to act as a central hub on the web for all Repair related queries. Register Your Business

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