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National Reuse Month: Repair, Reuse, Recycle

National Reuse Month: Repair, Reuse, Recycle

October marks Ireland’s National Reuse Month! National Reuse Month aims to inspire and educate Ireland’s residents on how to reuse more at home, work and play. This October, prioritise repairing, reusing and recycling to make a stance against greenhouse gas emissions.

Use October as a chance to change your habits. Rather than discarding your broken items, consider repairing them instead. Repairing isn’t just an option for electrical items or appliances, everything from musical instruments to shoes can be repaired. What’s more, opting to repair an item is easier than ever with Repair My Stuff’s online directory, which allows you to find a local professional who can repair your item!

When repairing your electrical item isn’t an option, choose to recycle. The average home has 193 electrical appliances, and 110 batteries — both of which don’t belong in a black rubbish bag! Recycling your large appliances, tech, display equipment, small domestic appliances and batteries is easy with our partner WEEE Ireland on-board. Use the interactive map on the WEEE Ireland site to find authorised collection points for electrical recycling.

When there’s nothing to repair, but you still want to part with your item, consider reusing or donating. This way, your item gets a second-lease of life in a way that contributes no harmful emissions into the environment; a byproduct of industrial scale recycling. Ireland is bustling with charity shops who seek out donations, from clothes to kitchenware. What’s more, consider passing on your belongings to friends, neighbours or family — someone’s trash is another person’s treasure!

In order to support a circular economy in Ireland, it’s important to be mindful of repairing, reusing and recycling throughout the year, but National Reuse Month gives you the chance to learn and experiment with alternatives to general waste disposal.

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