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My experience of repairing my washing machine

My experience of repairing my washing machine

So being involved in waste management, a committed environmentalist and instrumental in developing this Repair directory, when my washing machine started to give a bit of trouble, I thought, better practice what I preach.

I moved into my house over 10 years ago and the washing machine has been there since. With 5 of us in the house, my wife says the machine never stops! So, when the machine started making a really loud noise during the spin cycle, we knew we had a problem.

We got in contact with local appliance Repair man from Monaghan, through this directory. Once we described the problem, and gave him the make and model, he was fairly sure he knew what the problem was; the bearings on the drum.

So, within two days he was out at house to take the machine away, it needed to go to his workshop, to be stripped, and new part inserted into it. Getting the washing machine out of utility room was no easy feat, but with a bit of guile and the door of the washing machine removed, we managed it. Once out, we loaded it into the van to be taken away to the workshop.

Low and behold two days later, our washing machine was returned. Of course having no washing machine for two days meant that there was a good load of dirty clothes available, to test if it was working.

When it came to the spin cycle @1400 rpm the moment of truth had arrived. Just like new, gone was the load humming noise, replaced with the normal whirr of the spin cycle. Since then we’ve had no problems and machine is working fine, hopefully we will get a good number of years out of it yet. Total costs of repair including parts and labour was €120, well worth it in my opinion.

Nial O’Connor, Monaghan County Council

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