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Color Glo International Ireland, Co. Dublin

Unit 22 Primeside Park,
Co. Dublin
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At Color Glo we have over 40 years experience in the repair and restoration of leather, vinyl, plastics, cloth, velour, carpets and much much more. We work on furniture, cars boats, aircraft, jackets, bags, footwear and again much more.

Our services have been developed so our customers can restore rather than replace, saving them money in the process. All our products are in house researched and developed specifically for our services and to ISO9000 standards. In fact Color Glo are the only restoration and repair company Worldwide to hold this prestigious accolade for their products and processes.

With 40 years worldwide experience, established for 15 years in Ireland and the fact that we continue to work with Ireland’s best known furniture and automotive retails. You can rest assured that your restoration project is in good safe hands. We guarantee our work so our customers can rest assured that they get value for their money.

OUR GUARANTEE. A common question is “How long will it last?” It is simple to make something look good going out the door but the real value to the end user is often found months later after these surfaces have been used and cleaned by the customer. We cannot control how you clean or maintain these surfaces after they leave our hands (we will provide our professional advice) but we feel confident that it will wear well and often times as well, if not better, than the original finish. Prior to the release into the market, the Color Glo R&D team will meticulously and vigorously stress test the our products to ensure they will stand the test of time.

Our guarantee to our customers is that you will be satisfied on what we said we would deliver before you pay. We stand over the quality of your products durability and workmanship. All our technicians just love the “WOW” factor our services bring to our customers. We have not experienced cracking, peeling, tackiness, product coming off onto clothing, and the many other problems that many products cause. We take great pride in the fact our products stand the test of time again and again. We have a long list of customers who continually ask us to perform other restoration and continued maintenance on their possessions. They have found that routine maintenance can keep the appearance of their finishes in a “like new” condition through years of use. And to ensure our customers maximize the life span of their finishes Color Glo have researched and developed a range of products and services that slow down the aging of finishes and ease the maintenance process. Helping to keep finishes clean, new looking with ease and providing them with maximum protection from damage over their life.

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