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Bray Service Centre, Co. Wicklow


Unfortunately we all have to deal with the mundane things in life, like washing machines and dishwashers not washing. Ovens not cooking and dryers not drying. Bray Service Centre is here to make sorting that as trouble-free and pleasant an experience possible.
Repairs are usually better value than replacement. The hard part is knowing when to do which. People often throw away perfectly good appliances, fearing that calling the “service guy” will cost an arm and a leg.
One of the main reasons for writing off an appliance is that the customer often leaves it too long before calling for a service. As soon as you notice an unusual noise or less than satisfactory results from your appliance you should keep a close eye on it over a few cycles.
If the problem persists call Bray Service Centre. Don’t wait until the machine stops – that can be too late!
Repairs are carried out on a “fixed charge” basis. There is a fixed charge that covers call-out and labour, if parts have to be ordered in and a second call made to complete the job, it is still covered by the same fixed charge.
Parts are charged on top of the fixed charge. This way you know how much you will pay, unlike hourly rates that can go on indefinitely.
All repairs are covered by a one year guarantee on parts and labour.
Fixed pricing plus guarantee equals Peace of Mind!
Get in touch with us today!
Call John on 087 2538924

There will always be times when a repair isn’t possible, like parts not available, appliance too old, etc.
When repair isn’t an option – our services extend to the supply and fitting of high quality new appliances from the Zanussi and Electrolux ranges.
We can supply and fit your new machine. Take the old machine away and even remove the packaging. Leaving you with nothing more to do than turn on and get familiar with your new appliance.
We supply both built-in and free-standing washers, dryers, dishwashers, fridges, freezers, cookers, ovens and hobs and lots more. Your old appliance and packaging are taken directly to the recycling centre.
With over 20 years experience in machine sales, we have a good idea of which appliance suits your individual needs. Whether you’re looking for a machine that will see you through your childrens’ toddler and school-going years, something for a one or two person household or an appliance for rented accommodation, we will have just what you need.
Call John on 087 2538924

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