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Repair My Stuff: Your One-Stop Repair Directory


Despite being called Repair My Stuff, we actually don’t do the repairing! If you mail your broken products to our office, you may be slightly disappointed by the results…

Our website actually acts as a hub for repairs. Like a more glamorous Yellow Pages, our online directory lists and details different repair companies based in different counties across Ireland. Moreover, our website is segmented by different products, so you can easily seek out the most relevant business to repair whatever you may need. Our categories cover a range of repair services from electrical items to musical instruments and more.

What’s more, is that our online directory is totally free for the public and businesses to use! If you’re a tradesperson or work for a repair company, you can register yourself or your company to appear in our database of repair businesses, completely free of charge.

Instead of binning your split jeans, or leaving your washing machine out on the pavement for scrap iron, use Repair My Stuff to search for a local business that can give your item a new lease of life! Make choices that are not only better for the environment, but support local Irish businesses too.

There’s more than meets the eye too, outside of the popular categories listed on our website, the ‘other’ section features repair companies that don’t quite fit in the mould. Here, you can find roofing experts, carpet cleaners, and experts who can help with issues in your garden – we’re not just limited to indoor items!

Before you turn to your dustbin to ditch your broken item, we implore you to check out the help that’s available on the our directory. You may find someone who can fix your product right around the corner, and for a fair price that’s cheaper than buying something new.

About RepairMyStuff.ie

RepairMystuff.ie is an all Island repair directory platform. We are committed to supporting small businesses that offer repair services in their local community.

Why Repair?

For many, purchasing a new pc or new washing machine when an old one breaks is the norm, however, Repair and Reuse is often a cheaper and most certainly a more environmentally sustainable option. Find A Local Professional

Why Register Your Business?

We are committed to supporting small businesses that offer repair services in their local community. We want to act as a central hub on the web for all Repair related queries. Register Your Business

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This website is an initiative of Monaghan County Council, other local authorities, the Local Authority Waste Prevention Network (LAPN), the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the repair industry.